Monday, September 05, 2005

Preventing Further Katrinae

New Orleans may well be dead. Surely 10s of thousands of people are dead, and surely more hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and ice storms are going to recur again and again. But what can you do?

Well, one thing that can be done is to share ideas, and develop yet others. But too often, ideas get pegged as left or right, liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, and so on. Knee-jerk reactions boil up, and before long there is as much incentive to prevent an idea as there is to promote one.

To get beyond all this, I think it is important to reach out to all people, around the world, and from all walks of life...sharing at least one thing. Ideas. Visions.

But wait! That is two things!

OK. Two things.

Thinking thusly, I have invited idea people and visionaries from around the world to join us here, and maybe share what they have learned, or ideas they may be developing. We hope they do join, and that they feel at home here.

And if they have wisdom to impart concerning Katrina and concomitant problems...this would be a windfall. Perhaps I should find a different metaphor...

- Dave Beckwith

Fellow Idea Consultant, Jude Nagurney-Camwell is guest blogger on John Edwards' One America Committee blog

Jude Nagurney-Camwell

Jude (Iddybud) will be the guest blogger on OneAmericaCommittee blog for the entire week.
Go and give her a comment or a shoutout. Jude's work has been seen on CNN, and other national broadcasts and publications, and is reputed to have an IQ of 190. I personally think it is a conservative estimate.

Creative Minds Worldwide/CIWI

CIWI homepage
Also check out SICU Synergy: SICU - Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected, which is hosted by new Idea Consultant, Tom of Finland, who is also the mind behind Synergialaitos, and who, like me, is a big fan of Sibelius. (Finlandia is a staple in my piano repertoire.)

We have also been joined by Jan Karel Kleijn of Amsterdam (See IdeaBroker) and Henk Buist, now in Bulgaria. From our own shore comes Connecticut's Aldon Hynes, whose work I have enjoyed for years. Welcome all!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Houston Astrodome Concert and Job Incubator

Idea: Bring emergency clean-up experts into the Houston Astrodome to teach able-bodied men and women how to carefully and properly clean up after, say, hurricanes. Teach them also how to construct emergency shelters. Then bring them back to New Orleans and put them to work constructing their own (then others') shelter, from which they do what they were taught, radiating from their shelter.

For their efforts they will be compensated with work, money, food, water, and shelter. And as a bonus, will be given a free concert by A-list musicians.

Do it!