Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Plus Ideas For A New Green Economy

Or, Putting Globalization Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

For those who may not know, Llc. is more than simply another green blog-- we are a new green business venture that plans to launch soon. We have a unique green product based on research on successful products from the Great Depression and coupled with the Internet. In the meantime we thought we'd suggest some other green business ideas to those who might be looking for green ways to survive in a new greener economy.

Local Hybrid Vehicle Conversions, especially the conversion of various local delivery vehicles could be a huge money maker for the guy or gal who doesn't mind getting greasy. The addition of a small diesel (think bio-diesel) generator to a GEM or other electric truck would turn these vehicles into real local delivery vehicles. Be sure to offer an enclosed cargo box as an option. Any company already making enclosed cargo boxes could provide you with boxes to install. And for anyone who considers themselves a real mechanic, welder or electrician this is a no-brainer.

Local Home Grocery Delivery isn't right for every community but for those of you who live in dense urban communities it might be just the thing-- especially if you happen to be operating one of the nation's few remaining mom and pop grocery stores. Yes, most of the big chains offer some sort of local grocery delivery service but it's not something they're geared up to do because it's not a service they really want us to use. Big grocery chains make their big money on impulse shopping-- home delivery doesn't get customers into the store to buy on impulse. Buy that fuel-efficient delivery truck from your local hybrid vehicle converter and have at it.

Take Your Grocery Store where the people live. Think about it. Load that little truck with the things people need and park it in a neighborhood that doesn't have a grocery store within walking distance. The cost of adding a local peddler's license to your existing business license is quite low in most cities.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey Omniture! Some Customers Are Very Pissed Off.

Nobody is willing to go on the record for this. But industry-leader Omniture released an update last week that knocked out SiteCatalyst (Omniture’s award-winning site metrics platform) for a handful of companies. So far we’ve heard of five affected companies in the Bay Area alone. No word yet on when Omniture will fix the problem. Judging from the anger we’re hearing Omniture better act fast. Already some people are talking about dumping fee-based Omniture for free Google Analytics once the dust settles.