Friday, August 26, 2011

Ideas for Irene: Preventive Measures

A major hurricane is closing in on our shores. What can we do in advance?
1. Many people do not evacuate because they cannot afford either the transportation, the lodging, the food, or all of the above. Their assistance should be assured, by government, charities, businesses, churches, and so on. Get the info to those who need it.
2. Hotels, motels, B&Bs and such, outside the hurricane zone, could advertise reduced rates, extended rates, and such, to incentivize the slow to move.
3. We know that Bank of America has 5 billion new dollars. Put it to good, timely, use.
4. The internet, Facebook, Twitter and such, should be widely used to organize things.
5. It would be crazy to wait until after the fact to act.