Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Business Branding

Some tips on marketing the ideas of branding. Too often, many small businesses adopt a name that ties themselves to the very first product line that they sold. But history shows that successful businesses that depend on branding have names that were unique and general.

For example: Nike sells sporting goods, and shoes before that. The name itself stems from the Greek goddess of "victory". Tieing the products (shoes) to the goddess was their greatest achievement. Thus, now you wear "Nikes".

In the same example, you would never expect Nike to succeed if they were called "Sporting shoes Inc". It just wouldn't pan out. Even if it did, the title itself doesn't allow the store to expand in the future since the brand name is already sold as a "shoe store".

This is a problem that if small businesses promoted for themselves, they would have a better time trying to market their product lines. With a good product line and a successfully marketed name, you could perhaps become the next Google, Inc..